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I'm Aprilkun, previously known as ICS_13 or in-chan~

| 21 y.o | self proclaimed 歌い手 | Part time Illustrator | Animator | Author | UTAU user & Author |

My UTAUs are Aiko Ryoshin,Tsubasa Kamine and Mami TJHAN.

| Aiko Ryoshi | Tsubasa Kamine | Mami TJHAN |

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Le update before hiatus again ;u;

Sooooo I'm baccck xD Since holiday almost over [there is 3 days left ;A;] I want to update this blog before bye bye QAQ SO OKAY! LET'S START, SHALL WE? xDDD Starting frrroommm TSU-CHAN'S ACT 2.0 RELEASE!! XD
Then there is also a video collab between me and Rii-kun.
Yep, kagerou days -3- Kagerou project has been a trend lately. Beside, I really like messing up with the camera, hueheheheh/slapped NEXT!  A demo for Tsu-chan's ACT 2.0 
and another video of Tsu-chan again ;3; And you can download his act 2 on this blog right side bar (>ouo)> only on mediafire though.. lately it's hard to upload on 4shared for me.. orz.
Next next next~ xD
Mami TJHAN'S ACT 2!!! xDDD I haven't make an art for her release, but her voicebank can be downloaded on this blog right side bar too o3o/ as usual.. only mediafire, coz 4shared hate me somehow orrzzzzzzzzzz. A sample of Mami Tjhan's ACT 2.0

man.., I love deco's songs so much xDDD

Then, my iRL friend who also has …

Long time no Update

I'm sorry, I'm seriously busy this semester orz
Anyway, let's start~
Aiko and I already in this fandom for 2 years~ yay~ here's a video for Aiko's anniv~
I feel proud for being a mother at my age ;3;//slapped
And then~ since Rii-kun started hiatus, I kinda feel bad for her utaus and she asked me to take care of them, so here I am.  A cover for Miu~

Moving on, Tsubasa got his VCV voicebank now~ though it's still WIP. I'm too lazy to finish the oto.ini too;; orz A sample of his VCV voicebank.

And then~ Mami tjhan covered "Dark Alice" I was thinking to make a PV for this but I didn't have time so I only did a cover for her.
And then~  I made a PV for "Ur-style -arbitrary style-" featuring the "Unexpected Twins"
And then~ Aiko covered "Kocchi Muite Baby" with her MAature ACT and "Colorful World" with her ACT 03

and then, there's also some covers done by others for my utaus~
Thank you for using Aiko 8'…

Tsubasa Kamine Append VB released~

Ta~ daa~ XDDD
edit :
his pic eue

so, I'll add it to the download links on the right bar, you can click there kay? eue and I'll put those Illust on his page too~ XD

-Sign In Chan Sakura or ICSanimangalovers13