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UTAU? What is that?

UTAU has its origin in "Jinriki Vocaloid" (人力ボーカロイド, translated as "Manual Vocaloid"). It is a re-edit of existing singing voices, extracting tones as .wav files and reassembling them. For this purpose, a support program was created. In March 2008, "Ameya/Ayame" (飴屋/菖蒲) released a free, advanced support tool as UTAU.
It was said that this program was developed as an answer to the very-expensive VOCALOID software.
Initially, the program came with only a sample voicebank, then only known as "Default". It gained popularity parallel to what VOCALOID had with Miku, with Teto's arrival to the UTAU scene. From there, many voicebanks were created.
Initially, UTAU was subpar to VOCALOID in terms of singing quality, but the author began developing the capabilities to the program until it became a viable substitute.

(from UTAU wiki)

For short, UTAUloid is free version of VOCALOID itself.
And you also can make your own UTAU Voice Bank.

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Le update before hiatus again ;u;

Sooooo I'm baccck xD Since holiday almost over [there is 3 days left ;A;] I want to update this blog before bye bye QAQ SO OKAY! LET'S START, SHALL WE? xDDD Starting frrroommm TSU-CHAN'S ACT 2.0 RELEASE!! XD
Then there is also a video collab between me and Rii-kun.
Yep, kagerou days -3- Kagerou project has been a trend lately. Beside, I really like messing up with the camera, hueheheheh/slapped NEXT!  A demo for Tsu-chan's ACT 2.0 
and another video of Tsu-chan again ;3; And you can download his act 2 on this blog right side bar (>ouo)> only on mediafire though.. lately it's hard to upload on 4shared for me.. orz.
Next next next~ xD
Mami TJHAN'S ACT 2!!! xDDD I haven't make an art for her release, but her voicebank can be downloaded on this blog right side bar too o3o/ as usual.. only mediafire, coz 4shared hate me somehow orrzzzzzzzzzz. A sample of Mami Tjhan's ACT 2.0

man.., I love deco's songs so much xDDD

Then, my iRL friend who also has …

Tsubasa Kamine Append VB released~

Ta~ daa~ XDDD
edit :
his pic eue

so, I'll add it to the download links on the right bar, you can click there kay? eue and I'll put those Illust on his page too~ XD

-Sign In Chan Sakura or ICSanimangalovers13

Long time no Update

I'm sorry, I'm seriously busy this semester orz
Anyway, let's start~
Aiko and I already in this fandom for 2 years~ yay~ here's a video for Aiko's anniv~
I feel proud for being a mother at my age ;3;//slapped
And then~ since Rii-kun started hiatus, I kinda feel bad for her utaus and she asked me to take care of them, so here I am.  A cover for Miu~

Moving on, Tsubasa got his VCV voicebank now~ though it's still WIP. I'm too lazy to finish the oto.ini too;; orz A sample of his VCV voicebank.

And then~ Mami tjhan covered "Dark Alice" I was thinking to make a PV for this but I didn't have time so I only did a cover for her.
And then~  I made a PV for "Ur-style -arbitrary style-" featuring the "Unexpected Twins"
And then~ Aiko covered "Kocchi Muite Baby" with her MAature ACT and "Colorful World" with her ACT 03

and then, there's also some covers done by others for my utaus~
Thank you for using Aiko 8'…