Tsubasa Kamine

Full Concept






Name : Kamine Tsubasa
Nick Name : Tsubasa or Tsu-chan, or Tsubasa-kyun
Age : 15 years Old
Birthday : 29 May
Released date : 23 April 2011
Character Items : Origami papers and iPad [Optional]
Model : 029
First duet : Alluring Secret ~Black Vow~ with Himane Miu
First solo : SPICE !
First Chorus : Fate Rebirth!
Newest ACT : 2
Append (s) : Append Calm Strong

In Japanese characters
つばさ 紙音 ― ツバサ 紙音 - 翼 紙音 - つばさ かみね - ツバサ カミネ
He’s a calm guy who love to do chores. He love to play with origami papers.
Hate being called with –chan.
He has a crush on Aiko Ryoshi but never being confirm by her before.


He was intended as UTAUloid when he was first created.
His hair model was inspired from Gumi’s hair in “aitai”.
His master thought to make him a shota one, which eventually how he is now.
And Kamine taken from one of his master fic character name.

Related UTAUs

His childhood best friend and also crush.

 Somehow after sung “Alluring Secret ~Black Vow~” , both of his master and Himane Miu’s master, Rii-kun, decided
them as “Unexpected Twins” which the story is being written by both master on FB.

Akumane Yutto :

Miu H’s Genderbend, somehow, they can be yaoi couple.

First time they met, she was like “TSUBASA-KYUUUUUUNN!”


he’s one of main characters of “Unexpected Twins” story that written by ICSanimangalovers or In-Chan Sakura with
The story main characters are Himane Miu and himself.