Full Concept



Name : Mami TJHAN
Nick Name : Mami or chan/TJHAN
Age : 19 years Old
Birthday : 9 May
Released date : 3 December 2011
Character Items : Sytche and Bread [Optional]
Model : Hoodieloid CV03
First duet : Migihidari – ft Ryoshi Aiko Append Boyish demo
First solo : InfintY
First Chorus : -
Newest ACT : 2
Append (s) : none

In Japanese characters :
 まみ ちゃん - マミ チャン
Personality :
She's one of yandere out there. She is trapped inside of 12 y.o body due the fact she has a weird disease that whenever she get an experience that shock her and make her in trauma state,
she'll fall asleep for 1-2 years. She has this cute atittude to cover her yandere side and childish side to cover her mature side. She act innocence and stuff, a total liar. She also related to TJHOEN by Aicchun. She loves Miu Himane and Tsubasa Kamine also everyone else but she hates Aiko Ryoshi because she always together with Tsubasa Kamine and Miu Himane and maybe another reasons too.
Also she's part of Hoodieloid and her number is CV 03.
Warning! She's a psycho!


She’s made because her master want to make TJHAN as TJHOEN’s partner.
And also she also intended as a hoodieloid member.

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