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Aiko Ryoshi

Full Concept






Name : Ryoshi Aiko / Ryoshin Aiko
Nick Name : Aiko or Ai-chan
Age : 15 years Old
Birthday : 13 April
Released date : 22 February 2011
Character Items : Sketchbook and Laptop [Optional]
Model : 013
First duet : Magnet with Himane Miu
First solo : Electric Angel
First Chorus : Meltdown with 7 Indonesian female UTAUloids
Newest ACT : 03.2
Append (s) : Boyish Dark & Boyish Light

In Japanese characters
アイコ リョシ - 愛子 良心  - 愛子 絽 し - あいこ 絽し/ 良心

She’s a cheerful girl but a tsundere one too. She’s dense to be honest.
Also she’s a shy one, yet she also childish.


She was one of her master, In-Chan or ICSanmangalovers13 OC.
Actually her name is Aiko Ryoshin.
Which mean ’Pure heart of beloved child’, but due the problem that her master is a forgetful person, her name became Ryoshi intead of Ryoshin.
Before released her ACT 2.3, her master just remembered it and it’s already too late to change it.
In the end, her master decided to make another history to cover it.

Related UTAUs

 Her first duet mate, and her beloved nee-chan. But on the other side, they can be yuri couple.

Akumane Yutto :
Miu H’s Genderbend, somehow, they end up fighting over Miu if they see each other.

One of her bestfriend.

Her child hood Friends who’s always by her side and take care of her needs.

A motherly figure for her.


She’s a part of “Unexpected Twins” story that written by ICSanimangalovers or In-Chan Sakura with
The story main characters are Himane Miu and Kamine Tsubasa.

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