Kamis, Maret 28, 2013

Long time no Update

I'm sorry, I'm seriously busy this semester orz

Anyway, let's start~

Aiko and I already in this fandom for 2 years~
here's a video for Aiko's anniv~

I feel proud for being a mother at my age ;3;//slapped

And then~
since Rii-kun started hiatus, I kinda feel bad for her utaus and she asked me to take care of them, so here I am. 
A cover for Miu~

Moving on, Tsubasa got his VCV voicebank now~
though it's still WIP. I'm too lazy to finish the oto.ini too;; orz
A sample of his VCV voicebank.

And then~ Mami tjhan covered "Dark Alice"
I was thinking to make a PV for this but I didn't have time so I only did a cover for her.

And then~ 
I made a PV for "Ur-style -arbitrary style-" featuring the "Unexpected Twins"

And then~
Aiko covered "Kocchi Muite Baby" with her MAature ACT and
"Colorful World" with her ACT 03

and then, there's also some covers done by others for my utaus~

Thank you for using Aiko 8'DD

I guess that's all for now ;3;

Thank you for your support guys ;3;

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