Minggu, September 16, 2012

Let's update update update~

Hello guys o v o
I'm here to update few things.
Okay~ let's start

So, in my last post, I didn't have time to make a release art for mami TJHAN's act 2 but here it is~ xD
took me quite a while, because I was really lazy to scan my sketches -u-;;
and then~ 

A PV of "Ur-style" as Aiko's Appends sing it~ 
errm, well can not being call as PV yet, since the one who moves only the circle and the texts.

Next~ next~
An old song that I mixed last year xD
or... maybe this early this year.. idk.. orz
the art is an doodle xD since I was lazy lol~
And here~ one of "Bookmark of Demise" project song by 150P that makes me addicted to it, and the notes are mostly high so I choose Mami TJHAN to sing it xD

Another song of Aiko's append boyish light that I mixed this year early.

And the last one~
the ust is made by masao-san.
And Aiko's act 02.3 oto.ini too was edited by masao-san xD
you can download it on the blog right side bar xD
So, I guess that's all?
anyhow, I don't know when will I'll be able to post UTAU stuff again..
since school is really makes me busy for a while now. ;_;
-ICSanimangalovers13 or In Chan Sakura

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