Selasa, Juli 10, 2012

Le update before hiatus again ;u;

Sooooo I'm baccck xD
Since holiday almost over [there is 3 days left ;A;]
I want to update this blog before bye bye QAQ
Starting frrroommm TSU-CHAN'S ACT 2.0 RELEASE!! XD

Then there is also a video collab between me and Rii-kun.

Yep, kagerou days -3-
Kagerou project has been a trend lately. Beside, I really like messing up with the camera, hueheheheh/slapped
A demo for Tsu-chan's ACT 2.0 

and another video of Tsu-chan again ;3;
And you can download his act 2 on this blog right side bar (>ouo)>
only on mediafire though.. lately it's hard to upload on 4shared for me.. orz.

Next next next~ xD

Mami TJHAN'S ACT 2!!!
I haven't make an art for her release, but her voicebank can be downloaded on this blog right side bar too o3o/
as usual.. only mediafire, coz 4shared hate me somehow orrzzzzzzzzzz.
A sample of Mami Tjhan's ACT 2.0

man.., I love deco's songs so much xDDD

Then, my iRL friend who also has an UTAU (actually she has 3 xD;;;)
Made this ;3;


Oh, and another thing, I already recorded Tsubasa's VCV voicebank (since Himeka and Satsuki Kagene got it, many utau user starting to make one xD;;)
but the quality ish derrppp, even though its sounds soo coool /shot
then again, I re recorded Aiko's CV ACT 3 Voicebank for the 6th times for now.. and I decided to use the last one.
Why? Simple, I DON'T WANT TO RECORD AGAIN QAQ/le dies/
beside, the size quite comfortable~ hmmmmm 9mb xDD
I know it's not funny, so anyhow.
I guess that will be all~
See ya again xD
-ICSanimangalovers13 or In Chan Sakura

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