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So, because I'm here, I'll be updating ouo/
Okay! First!

Mami TJHAN's got a chance to duet with another UTAUs! XD
Twin Colors, all made by Kairi-san! Thank you for using Mami ;3;


Thank you for using Mami too, Rii o3o/

After that, as I went hiatus, I still updating my UTAUs VBs
as example here, you can try to listen Aiko Ryoshi Append Boyish Light and Boyish Dark sing 
together with colorfulxmelody as the song

 And then few more videos that I uploaded before hand o3o/

 since idk what to draw, I use the original PV instead as Aiko "old" Append Boyish sung that.
Don't worry I already throw that one and re recorded 8'D 
the result is the one in colorfulxmelody.
And her ACT 3

I think I will not re record this one..
Of course I like her voice in this ACT. But her pronounce is just sdfghjk!! 
I mean, I can hardly understand it ;;
but I can't get my voice to provide her for now ;_;
sadly, I forgot how I made her voice ;;
(no, I NEVER pitch her! I use my natural voice)
So, for now, her ACT 3 will be like in this video. Wish me luck if you guys want her ACT 3 to be like her appends in pronouce ;3;;;

And then there's Tsubasa with his ACT 02 
yaaayy!! XDDD

Doesn't he sound shota? /trollfaceplz//slapped/

Anyhow, that's all.
-ICSanimangalovers13 or In Chan Sakura

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