Sabtu, Desember 17, 2011

Update again

Okay~ so I am back here to update few songs~ xDD
 first : 

I released Mami TJHAN on 3rd December! XD
her VB can be download on the right menu of this blog o3o/
second~ I made Aiko sing few songs! Check out!

Her Append Boyish Demo~

and~ I GOT ADDICTED TO THIS SONG SO I MADE HER SING THIS WITH HER ACT 2.3! X333 /slappedforcapslockfever/

and the last [?]

[UTAU-GAME] REACT [ICS, Kamine Tsubasa Append and Ryoshi Aiko Append] by In-chan Sakura

I just made it today and yeah I use all of my UTAUs Append XD

I guess that's all then~

-Sign ICSanimangalovers13 or In Chan Sakura

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