Sabtu, Juli 30, 2011

Updated because I'm bored~

Lol~ sorry just updated this now.. ^^;
I'm kinda busy lazy actually.
Btw~ okay! I never put any of my UTAU videos here, right?
So, I'll start now! SPAMMING FTW!!!/slapped

My first time mixed a duet song. And it's used Aiko Ryoshi's ACT 2.0.
I'm proud~ XD

Aiko Ryoshi and Midori Nashine first time duet! xD
excuse me if it's off beat, I was such a noob that time ;u; 
Well, until now still a noob too though~ XDD

Electric Angel with such simple animation ^^;
forgive me.

Yeaaahh, off beats .. sorry ;w;

Melancholic! She sound cute here~ XDD
cover was collab with Hanna, she commish me for the line art bwt o3o
and she did the coloring.

Collab with Rii-tan~ XDDD
Miu Himane's Append Cold sung Len's parts and Tsubasa Kamine ACT 01 sung Rin's~
Reversed? Yes it is! XD
but it's alrighty eue.


Tsubasa! XD
his first time to sing alone~ ;u;
I'm addicated to his voice in this song somehow~ XDD

First, Hanna said it's of timing so, here

 Idk, but I more prefer the one before reTake. o3o/shot

 Matryoshka~ I only did the video .__."" 
Hanna did the mixing and the art.

My first UTAU-game ;u;
why I choose this song? Because I love it! XD
btw, tell which is my voice which is Aiko's /heplz/slapped


 Mixing and video by me. And the unyuhunyuhhimoooet art by sachii~
Ru Hikarine & Tsubasa Kamine owo

 Chocolate Magic 
Ayaka Satsukine and Aiko Ryoshi~
Ciel or Veren done the mixing, and I did the art and video~ XD

and then

Karinka~ Marinka /slapped
Ahh~ Tsubasa duets with Miu again~ XDD
ah, now I'll search again.., wait! Don't close this page yeeett ;u;

 Made by Rii-tan ;w;
I love thiiisss/shot
and then
Miu and Tsubasa's first duet~ right after I released his VB

The idea of unexpected twins started here 8D/nom
and~ [yay! I love promotion!]

By Hanna,
kiddo, mommy thank you for this ;u;

by light usagi~
well, she helped me tested Aiko's ACT 2.3 
and she can sound robotic OuO

by light usagi again~ XDDDDD
cover by me, requested by her XD
but video, sub and mixing by usausa OuO

Idk but I wonder why Aiko always got Miku's part if she got into chorus that sing a chorus song that containt Miku? :\
Any idea?

Rolling girl Chorus by Hanna ;u;

made by Amaya Aika for me,
Thank you so much ;w;

made by Rii-tan ;u;
I love this so much~ 


by Rii-tan again [she's more productive than me orz..]

Chorus of these nekomimi ;w;
I... *sobs
btw thanks to hanna for the video~ OuO~

By Ruuya 
Thanks ;w;

Ayaka Satsukine and Aiko Ryoshi~ EUE
well~ I did the mixing, and she did the art and video~ XD

and lastly [I think?]

Another Matryoshka made by aiichun ;u;
Mommaaaaa, thankkiees ;w;

I think that's all for now.. ._.

I appriciate you guys, thank you for using my UTAUs and work with me ;u;
Well, the rest.. ^^;
just wait for moar! XD

-Sign ICSanimangalovers13 or In Chan Sakura

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