Kamis, Maret 28, 2013

Long time no Update

I'm sorry, I'm seriously busy this semester orz

Anyway, let's start~

Aiko and I already in this fandom for 2 years~
here's a video for Aiko's anniv~

I feel proud for being a mother at my age ;3;//slapped

And then~
since Rii-kun started hiatus, I kinda feel bad for her utaus and she asked me to take care of them, so here I am. 
A cover for Miu~

Moving on, Tsubasa got his VCV voicebank now~
though it's still WIP. I'm too lazy to finish the oto.ini too;; orz
A sample of his VCV voicebank.

And then~ Mami tjhan covered "Dark Alice"
I was thinking to make a PV for this but I didn't have time so I only did a cover for her.

And then~ 
I made a PV for "Ur-style -arbitrary style-" featuring the "Unexpected Twins"

And then~
Aiko covered "Kocchi Muite Baby" with her MAature ACT and
"Colorful World" with her ACT 03

and then, there's also some covers done by others for my utaus~

Thank you for using Aiko 8'DD

I guess that's all for now ;3;

Thank you for your support guys ;3;

Rabu, Desember 26, 2012

Near new year update

Hello ovo/
It's been a long time since I updated here xD
let's start~

 First, a collab between me and Rii-kun, as usual~ xD
I mixed the .mp3 while the art sketch was made by me and Rii-kun colored it~

Saihate Ballad cover with Aiko's ACT 03
the art is old, it was made around January.

Stepping forward!

Two breath walking performed by Tsubasa.
I was too lazy to make the art digital since in the end it will be black and white ==
so, I ended up using the sketch.


Yeaaahh! Aiko's VBs were released! XD
You can download it by the side bar on the right~

Next again~
Mami TJHAN got her first PV xD
though it was kinda off synch;;

And tadaaah~
A PV for Aiko using her ACT Mature with flag g-5
It was a pain to do a lipsynch PV @_@
but it worth the result.

Tokyo Teddy Bear~
use 4 voicebanks of Aiko's

I mixed this alooong time ago
I was going to make a PV for it but got lazy in the end.
So, I doodled a cover for it. Yes it's a doodle, along with Tokyo Teddy Bear and WAVEFILE too.
A cover of Aiko and IA ;w;
It's the first time I use Vocaloid Engine ;3;

Oh, and another news, I got 4shared working again.
So, you guys can download on mediafire and 4shared again ;3;
Also, I started to post some videos to NicoNicoDouga.

I still use english because my japanese sucks ;3;

Then, some chorus featuring my UTAUs


also TropeTANIFY3 use Mami Tjhan ;3;

thank you <3

Well, looks like that's all I got.

-ICSanimangalovers13 or In Chan Sakura

Minggu, September 16, 2012

Let's update update update~

Hello guys o v o
I'm here to update few things.
Okay~ let's start

So, in my last post, I didn't have time to make a release art for mami TJHAN's act 2 but here it is~ xD
took me quite a while, because I was really lazy to scan my sketches -u-;;
and then~ 

A PV of "Ur-style" as Aiko's Appends sing it~ 
errm, well can not being call as PV yet, since the one who moves only the circle and the texts.

Next~ next~
An old song that I mixed last year xD
or... maybe this early this year.. idk.. orz
the art is an doodle xD since I was lazy lol~
And here~ one of "Bookmark of Demise" project song by 150P that makes me addicted to it, and the notes are mostly high so I choose Mami TJHAN to sing it xD

Another song of Aiko's append boyish light that I mixed this year early.

And the last one~
the ust is made by masao-san.
And Aiko's act 02.3 oto.ini too was edited by masao-san xD
you can download it on the blog right side bar xD
So, I guess that's all?
anyhow, I don't know when will I'll be able to post UTAU stuff again..
since school is really makes me busy for a while now. ;_;
-ICSanimangalovers13 or In Chan Sakura

Selasa, Juli 10, 2012

Le update before hiatus again ;u;

Sooooo I'm baccck xD
Since holiday almost over [there is 3 days left ;A;]
I want to update this blog before bye bye QAQ
Starting frrroommm TSU-CHAN'S ACT 2.0 RELEASE!! XD

Then there is also a video collab between me and Rii-kun.

Yep, kagerou days -3-
Kagerou project has been a trend lately. Beside, I really like messing up with the camera, hueheheheh/slapped
A demo for Tsu-chan's ACT 2.0 

and another video of Tsu-chan again ;3;
And you can download his act 2 on this blog right side bar (>ouo)>
only on mediafire though.. lately it's hard to upload on 4shared for me.. orz.

Next next next~ xD

Mami TJHAN'S ACT 2!!!
I haven't make an art for her release, but her voicebank can be downloaded on this blog right side bar too o3o/
as usual.. only mediafire, coz 4shared hate me somehow orrzzzzzzzzzz.
A sample of Mami Tjhan's ACT 2.0

man.., I love deco's songs so much xDDD

Then, my iRL friend who also has an UTAU (actually she has 3 xD;;;)
Made this ;3;


Oh, and another thing, I already recorded Tsubasa's VCV voicebank (since Himeka and Satsuki Kagene got it, many utau user starting to make one xD;;)
but the quality ish derrppp, even though its sounds soo coool /shot
then again, I re recorded Aiko's CV ACT 3 Voicebank for the 6th times for now.. and I decided to use the last one.
Why? Simple, I DON'T WANT TO RECORD AGAIN QAQ/le dies/
beside, the size quite comfortable~ hmmmmm 9mb xDD
I know it's not funny, so anyhow.
I guess that will be all~
See ya again xD
-ICSanimangalovers13 or In Chan Sakura