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Long time no Update

I'm sorry, I'm seriously busy this semester orz
Anyway, let's start~
Aiko and I already in this fandom for 2 years~ yay~ here's a video for Aiko's anniv~
I feel proud for being a mother at my age ;3;//slapped
And then~ since Rii-kun started hiatus, I kinda feel bad for her utaus and she asked me to take care of them, so here I am.  A cover for Miu~

Moving on, Tsubasa got his VCV voicebank now~ though it's still WIP. I'm too lazy to finish the oto.ini too;; orz A sample of his VCV voicebank.

And then~ Mami tjhan covered "Dark Alice" I was thinking to make a PV for this but I didn't have time so I only did a cover for her.
And then~  I made a PV for "Ur-style -arbitrary style-" featuring the "Unexpected Twins"
And then~ Aiko covered "Kocchi Muite Baby" with her MAature ACT and "Colorful World" with her ACT 03

and then, there's also some covers done by others for my utaus~
Thank you for using Aiko 8'…

Near new year update

Hello ovo/ It's been a long time since I updated here xD lol let's start~
 First, a collab between me and Rii-kun, as usual~ xD I mixed the .mp3 while the art sketch was made by me and Rii-kun colored it~

Next! Saihate Ballad cover with Aiko's ACT 03 the art is old, it was made around January.
Stepping forward!

Two breath walking performed by Tsubasa. I was too lazy to make the art digital since in the end it will be black and white == so, I ended up using the sketch.

Yeaaahh! Aiko's VBs were released! XD You can download it by the side bar on the right~
Next again~ Mami TJHAN got her first PV xD though it was kinda off synch;;

And tadaaah~ A PV for Aiko using her ACT Mature with flag g-5 It was a pain to do a lipsynch PV @_@ but it worth the result.

Tokyo Teddy Bear~ use 4 voicebanks of Aiko's

I mixed this alooong time ago I was going to make a PV for it but got lazy in the end. So, I doodled a cover for it. Yes it's a doodle, along with Tokyo Teddy Bear…

Let's update update update~

Hello guys o v o I'm here to update few things. Okay~ let's start -----------------------------------------------
So, in my last post, I didn't have time to make a release art for mami TJHAN's act 2 but here it is~ xD took me quite a while, because I was really lazy to scan my sketches -u-;; and then~ 
A PV of "Ur-style" as Aiko's Appends sing it~  errm, well can not being call as PV yet, since the one who moves only the circle and the texts.
Next~ next~ An old song that I mixed last year xD or... maybe this early this year.. idk.. orz the art is an doodle xD since I was lazy lol~ And here~ one of "Bookmark of Demise" project song by 150P that makes me addicted to it, and the notes are mostly high so I choose Mami TJHAN to sing it xD

Another song of Aiko's append boyish light that I mixed this year early. Then~

And the last one~ the ust is made by masao-san. And Aiko's act 02.3 oto.ini too was edited by masao-san xD you can download it…

Le update before hiatus again ;u;

Sooooo I'm baccck xD Since holiday almost over [there is 3 days left ;A;] I want to update this blog before bye bye QAQ SO OKAY! LET'S START, SHALL WE? xDDD Starting frrroommm TSU-CHAN'S ACT 2.0 RELEASE!! XD
Then there is also a video collab between me and Rii-kun.
Yep, kagerou days -3- Kagerou project has been a trend lately. Beside, I really like messing up with the camera, hueheheheh/slapped NEXT!  A demo for Tsu-chan's ACT 2.0 
and another video of Tsu-chan again ;3; And you can download his act 2 on this blog right side bar (>ouo)> only on mediafire though.. lately it's hard to upload on 4shared for me.. orz.
Next next next~ xD
Mami TJHAN'S ACT 2!!! xDDD I haven't make an art for her release, but her voicebank can be downloaded on this blog right side bar too o3o/ as usual.. only mediafire, coz 4shared hate me somehow orrzzzzzzzzzz. A sample of Mami Tjhan's ACT 2.0

man.., I love deco's songs so much xDDD

Then, my iRL friend who also has …


So, because I'm here, I'll be updating ouo/ Okay! First!
Mami TJHAN's got a chance to duet with another UTAUs! XD Twin Colors, all made by Kairi-san! Thank you for using Mami ;3;

Thank you for using Mami too, Rii o3o/
After that, as I went hiatus, I still updating my UTAUs VBs as example here, you can try to listen Aiko Ryoshi Append Boyish Light and Boyish Dark sing  together with colorfulxmelody as the song

 And then few more videos that I uploaded before hand o3o/
 since idk what to draw, I use the original PV instead as Aiko "old" Append Boyish sung that. Don't worry I already throw that one and re recorded 8'D  the result is the one in colorfulxmelody. And her ACT 3
*cough* I think I will not re record this one.. Of course I like her voice in this ACT. But her pronounce is just sdfghjk!!  I mean, I can hardly understand it ;; but I can't get my voice to provide her for now ;_; sadly, I forgot how I made her voice ;; …

Update update!

I'm here to update~ X333 let's begin~

Dam dam daamm~ I re made this PV again! XD took me 4 days but its still derp.. ;;

because I never really draw TJHAN in her default clothes, I decided to make one and I choose I=Fanstasy for the song XDD

Cat food~ nyaan/slapped/ Fell in love when heard this song as new PD game demo :33
and I guess that's all? 
-Sign ICSanimangalovers13 or In Chan Sakura

Update again

Okay~ so I am back here to update few songs~ xDD  first : 

I released Mami TJHAN on 3rd December! XD her VB can be download on the right menu of this blog o3o/ second~ I made Aiko sing few songs! Check out!

Her Append Boyish Demo~ then 
and~ I GOT ADDICTED TO THIS SONG SO I MADE HER SING THIS WITH HER ACT 2.3! X333 /slappedforcapslockfever/
and the last [?]

[UTAU-GAME] REACT [ICS, Kamine Tsubasa Append and Ryoshi Aiko Append] by In-chan Sakura

I just made it today and yeah I use all of my UTAUs Append XD

I guess that's all then~

-Sign ICSanimangalovers13 or In Chan Sakura